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Deal or No Deal
Interactive DVD

Now you can have the chance to take the hot seat in the eagerly awaited interactive DVD of the hugely popular Channel 4 TV show Deal or No Deal.

The DVD allows you to play the game just as you would in the studio, you get to choose the boxes and then watch as 21 of some of the most popular contestants from the show actually open the boxes for you. For fans of the show you will instantly recognise Nick, Kirsty, Morris, Pat M, Lucy and of course the shows host Noel Edmonds.

There are 3 types of game to Play, Single player, 2 player and player vs. Banker. The single player game plays just like the show with you selecting boxes and then being offered values from the banker to try and buy the box from you. The 2-player game allows you to play against a friend to see who will win the greatest amount at the end of the game. The player vs. banker game allows one player to be the contestant, while the other player is the banker and sets the offers to try and force the player into a wrong move.

The interactive DVD is a must for all fans of the show and allows you to experience the excitement and drama of the show in the comfort of your home.

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