Layer Cake DVD cert 15 region 2 Daniel Craig 2 disc



Layer Cake

Actor: Daniel Craig
Actor: Kenneth Cranham
Actor: Louis Emerick

AudienceRating: Suitable for 15 years and over

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Format: Pal 2

Manufacturer: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

NumberOfDiscs: 2

RegionCode: 2

ReleaseDate: 2005-03-07


British gangster film based on the London-set crime novel by J.J. Connelly. 'X' (Daniel Craig) is a successful, smooth-talking cocaine dealer - respected among London's crime elite - whose plan is to bankroll enough cash to make an early retirement from 'business' and lead a quiet, crime-free life. He sees the opportunity to make a final score when big crime boss Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham) asks him to track down Charlotte Ryder (Nathalie Lunghi), the wayward daughter of his old friend Eddie (Michael Gambon). But complicating matters are 2 million pounds' worth of Grade A drugs, a neo-Nazi sect and endless 'layers' of deals and double-deals...

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