Valhalla Rising DVD cert 18 Ewan Stewart Jamie Sives Gary Lewis Alexan



Valhalla Rising DVD (2010) Mads Mikkelsen, Refn (DIR) cert 18

Title:Valhalla RisingLeading Actor:Mads MikkelsenDuration:100 minsFormat:DVD / NormalType:DVDStudio / Publisher:Momentum PicturesUK Release Date:17 May 2010

Director Nicolas Winding Refn ('Pusher', 'Bronson') helms this Viking adventure. Mads Mikkelsen stars as One-Eye, a mute warrior with supernatural strength who has been held prisoner for years by the chieftain Barde (Alexander Morton). Along with a boy, Are (Maarten Stevenson), he manages to kill his captor and escape on a Viking longship. The vessel becomes engulfed by an impenetrable fog that eventually disperses to reveal the shores of a strange and unknown land. As the new land reveals its terrible secrets, One-Eye is brought face to face with his true self.

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