Dude Where's My Car DVD cert 15 pal 2



Dude, Where's My Car? DVD 2001 Ashton Kutcher, Leiner

Title:Dude, Where's My Car?Leading Actor:Ashton Kutcher Region: Region 2 Duration:79 mins Format:DVD / WidescreenType:DVD No. of Discs:1 disc(s) Studio / Publisher:TCFHEUK Release Date:10 Dec 2001Edition:Widescreen

Jesse and Chester are two half-witted stoners who wake up one morning to find their car has gone missing and they cannot remember where they left it. The only clues are a matchbox cover from the Kitty Kat strip joint and a fridge full of munchies. They must now retrace their steps and soon both are in for the ride of their lives as they encounter alien chicks and killer ostriches whilst trying to score 'special treats' from their unhappy girlfriends.

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