Black Sheep DVD cert 15 Region 2



Blood-soaked horror comedy about a New Zealander, Henry Oldfield (Nathan), with an unfortunate phobia of sheep. When Henry returns to his family's farm he is unaware that something bad is going on - his brother Angus' (Peter) reckless genetic engineering programme. When a pair of inept environmental activists release a mutant lamb from Angus' laboratory onto the farm, thousands of sheep are turned into blood-thirsty predators. Along with farmhand Tucker (Tammy Davis) and greenie girl Experience (Danielle Mason), Henry finds himself stranded on the farm as his worst nightmare comes to life.

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Nathan Meister, Danielle Mason, Peter Feeney, Tammy Davis, Glenis Levestam, Tandi Wright, Oliver Driver, Nick Fenton, Sam Clarke, Eli Kent, Matthew Chamberlain

Directed by

Jonathan King

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Language(s): English, interactive Menu, Scene Access, Screen ratio 1:1.78, Dolby Digital 5.1

No. of discs

1 disc(s)


87 mins


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