Final Destination 3 DVD cert 15 region 2 Mary Elizabeth Winstead



Final Destination 3 DVD Mary Elizabeth Winstead (DIR) cert3

James Wong (THE ONE), director of the original FINAL DESTINATION film, returns to direct the third instalment in the series, FINAL DESTINATION 3. High-school senior, Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), is enjoying senior night at the amusement park and taking photos for the school yearbook. As a control freak, she's not particularly fond of rides, especially the roller coaster. Despite her fear, Wendy decides to take the plunge, but is soon traumatised by a vision that a fatal accident is about to occur. Heeding caution, she and a group of her classmates, disembark from the ride and watch as the remaining thrill-seekers suffer a horrific fate. Having

cheated death once, Wendy is tormented by an ominous feeling that something is very wrong. Her classmate, Kevin (Ryan Merriman), does some research and learns that something similar has happened before: a high-school student had a premonition that a plane filled with his classmates was doomed; a group of them refused to board, and the plane exploded in flight. Following that incident, the survivors all died under mysterious

circumstances, their deaths following the same order as in the premonition. Wendy and Kevin realise that the same fate is about to befall all those who survived the rollercoaster. Perhaps more disturbing is that clues to the impending deaths seem to lie in the photos that Wendy took on the evening of the accident. In an instant, innocuous situations and common objects become fatal, causing particularly gruesome deaths. Ultimately,

the real question becomes whether or not Wendy and Kevin can save their classmates and themselves from impending doom, before it is too late.

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