The Simpsons: Bart Wars DVD cert 26 Fast and FREE P & P



The Simpsons: Bart Wars DVD (2003) James L. Brooks cert PG Fast and FREE P & P

Title:The Simpsons: Bart WarsLeading Actor:James L. BrooksDuration:88 minsFormat:DVD / NormalType:DVDStudio / Publisher:TCFHEUK Release Date:08 Sep 2003
Four more animated escapades with the yellow-skinned inhabitants of Springfield. In 'Mayored to the Mob', Homer becomes Mayor Quimby's personal bodyguard after saving him from rioting sci-fi fans. 'Dog of Death' sees Santa's Little Helper set to expire unless the Simpsons can find the money for an expensive, life-saving operation. In 'The Secret War of Lisa Simpson', Lisa attempts to enrol at Rommelwood Military Academy after Bart is sent there to be disciplined. 'Marge Be Not Proud' sees Bart considering larceny in order to acquire an expensive new video game. Will Homer's feeble attempts at punishment save the day?

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