Peep Show series Two DVD cert 15 region 2



One of the funniest, most accurately observed sitcoms to have come to British television's way since The Office

Peep Show, the award-winning comedy, following the inner life of two very ordinary weirdos, returns to DVD for a second series.

Mark (David Mitchell), a 50 year old in a twenty something body, is still living with Jeremy (Robert Webb), a big kid who thinks he is going to be a rock star. Mark still has his heart set on his office colleague Sophie (Olivia Colman) but is finding his path to love blocked by the macho charms of rival-in-love Jeff (Neil Fitzmaurice). Meanwhile, Jeremy has fallen madly in love with Nancy (Rachel Blanchard, Clueless), a confused Californian Christian who, whilst being way out of his league, Jeremy considers as god's gift.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentaries Over 3 Different Episodes With Actors, Writers, Producer and
  • Behind-The-Scenes Documentary.
  • Deleted Scenes.
  • 'Gog's Film'.

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