X-Men First Class Blu-Ray cert 12 Marvel children of the atom multi-part documentary



Special features on the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Blu-ray include:

10 Marvel “X-Men” Digital Comics with exclusive “X-Men: First Class” Backstory Comic

More than two hours of never-before-seen extras, including:

Celebrity Mutant Tracker: The complete interactive Mutant Database with interactive videos giving fans the ability to learn about their favourite mutants in the X-Men film franchise

Children of the Atom: An eight-part behind-the-scenes featuring, charting the film from pre-production through post-production, including visual effects techniques and cataloguing “X-Men” transformations through prosthetic make up and costume design

“X” Marks the Spot: An interactive feature allowing viewers the opportunity to learn more about specific scenes with talent interviews and behind-the-scenes footage

Extended and Deleted Scenes

BD-Live Portal with additional

Celebrity Mutant Tracker profiles

Composer’s Isolated Score

Theatrical Trailer

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