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X-Men: The Last Stand Film Review

But are you ready to do what's necessary when the time comes?

After two stints in the director’s chair, Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to work on Superman Returns, leaving behind Brett to take the reins. The result is less than stellar; with a cobbled together script and intense studio interference, Brett should be applauded that the film is even watchable; and watchable it is. There is a logic to the plot and events unfold with reason, but there is a distinct lack of empathy with the characters this time around, despite some highly emotive scenes. The script often calls for action above emotion and that loss of feeling relegates the film to TV soap.

The story continues, once again, a few month after the traumatic events of the second film, with the plot involving a ‘cure’ of the mutant gene that polarises the mutants; those that want to live a normal life and be defended for it, against those that see it as nothing but a way to exterminate their livelihood. When a conspiracy is uncovered and more lives are sacrificed, an all-out war breaks out between good and bad mutants culminating in events that shock the world.

I actually have a bit of a soft spot for The Last Stand; it is corny and suited towards action, but there is some heart to the piece and Brett has clearly done the best he can despite being against the odds. It’s not a bad film, it’s just not particularly good either making for a rather unsatisfactory conclusion to what, up until that point, had been a magnificent franchise. Still, there was worse to come.

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